Evolving to meet industry demands


Safe, fast and economical solutions


Rapid and effective response

DIKO Subsea is a professional commercial diving company capable of delivering high-quality solutions across the whole spectrum of commercial diving activities.

Qualified personnel, new-generation equipment, and innovative solutions.

DIKO Subsea delivers first-class commercial diving services and creates sustainable value to its clients across a wide range of strategic sectors such as energy, civil engineering, water treatment and shipping.

Why Choose DIKO Subsea?

Our partnership network supports sustainable development of the commercial diving industry, adding value to our clients and promoting the wellbeing of the communities.

Our Vision

We are committed to enhance our clients´ efficiency, productivity, and global competitiveness and contribute to the improvement of their financial results and reputation.

DIKO Subsea Know-How

Proven experience, unique expertise, and innovative know-how across the whole spectrum of commercial diving activities.
    • Strict Business Compliance
      Strict compliance with quality, safety and environmental protection international standards, protocols, and international regulations.
    • Partnerships
      Large network of strategic partnerships all around the world.
    • Innovation
      Special focus on the promotion of the Blue Economy and research, development, and enhancement of advanced subaquatic technologies.

Together, we’re achieving ambitious sustainability goals

Working at DIKO Subsea is about creating new horizons and developing value-added solutions.

Let’s accelerate your business and grow together.