About DIKO Subsea

DIKO Subsea was created with the aim of becoming first world-class Korean commercial diving company capable of providing a wide variety of commercial diving services compliant with the highest international standards of quality, reliability, and safety applicable to the industry.

Our Team
DIKO Subsea’s main asset is its team. DIKO Subsea’s team extensive experience, client and partner network, and ability to work in challenging and complex underwater activities and hostile and confined spaces, all while keeping an outstanding safety record, enables DIKO Subsea to adapt quickly to changing market environments, always maintaining the highest level of quality, efficiency, and safety.

Our Driving Force
DIKO Subsea ambitions to become a leading company in the commercial diving industry, capable of delivering innovative solutions required for the construction, operation, inspection, and maintenance of onshore and offshore utilities, industrial facilities, plants, and maritime, coastal, and fluvial infrastructures in compliance with international standards and regulations common to the industry and usually expected by the clients.

Our Know-How
DIKO Subsea know-how is the unique and practical knowledge, techniques and skill acquired by DIKO Subsea Management Team and personnel through extensively developed and accumulated training, experimentation, and qualification in the field of commercial diving, giving DIKO Subsea an ability to provide first-class commercial diving services in compliance with the best industry practice and the highest standards of quality, efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Our Vision

  • We aim to become a leader in the development of “K-commercial diving and maritime industry” and lead South Korea’s transformation into one of the most advanced and innovative countries in the commercial diving field.
  • We will endeavor to promote the “Blue Economy” together with the development of “Blue Technologies” as major growth drivers of key strategic activities such as international trade, living resources, renewable energy, mineral extraction, freshwater production and ocean health and data.
  • We are an eco-minded company committed to business sustainability and implementation of best ESG practices with a special focus on safety and health.

Pursuing Career at DIKO Subsea

Working at DIKO Subsea is about creating new horizons and developing value-added solutions.